Top Four Types Of Dangerous Household Pests

Apart from, younger siblings who are undoubtedly dangerous pests reincarnated in human form, who somehow discover all the chicken nuggets and the expensive chocolates you hid behind the cup of stale yogurt inside the fridge, you’ve got to be vigilantto a few household pests who despite their size and nature have the ability to ruin your life. These pesky creatures that are mostly underestimated or nearly invisible to the human eye are not only a living version of the word irritation, but are also a reason why millions of people across the world are suffering for days, some even dying due to the triviality of it. All because of one tiny peck that could be prevented. Pretty creepy huh? Most household pests are unarguably harmful, but if you’d like to have an insight on the killer creatures, keep reading.


It doesn’t mean everything extremely dangerous is found in the deepest exotic rainfall forests and have a freaky and sophisticated names. They could be just around us, breathing the same air, sometimes in the form of humans, and sometimes in the form of tiny black dots with a couple of wings. In fact, of all disease transmitting insects, mosquitoes have been the iconic menace for transmitting various life threatening viruses like dengue, malaria and yellow fever, to which millions and millions of people seek medication every year. If you haven’t already got your properties covered with building and pest inspection Castlemaine, it’s probably high time you did, before these nasties destruct lives.

Killer Bees.

I guess their name says it all. These bees are so aggressive that they’re proficiently known to chase their victim for up to two kilometers and repetitively sting their victim. Yeah that sounds pretty spine tingling, because in simpler terms, they don’t leave until they almost kill you. Unfortunately, these stinging insects aren’t rare anymore and if they do sting, there could be deadly results. And due to the fact that their venom is unfathomably dangerous and they come in large in numbers, only professionals who undertake proper building inspections and beekeepers should be addressing them

Kissing Bugs.

Don’t get your hopes skyrocketing because these bugs aren’t going to give you the intimacy you’re lacking in your life. Despite their deceiving name, these blood sucking insects can transmit a parasite called trypanasomacruzi, which can cause fatal sicknesses like change disease and sleeping sickness. If you’re wondering the reason behind their name, its because they bit a sleeping person’s lip, so beware and don’t let the kissing bugs bite you!

Tsetse Flies.

Unlike mosquitoes these flies possess serrations that they use to saw right into skin and gulp down your blood. These flies that also commonly go by the name of tik-tik or tse-tse flies, readily feed on the blood of humans, domestic animals and wild animals. They’re dangerous because of the fact that they transmit a venomous disease called sleeping sickness and are responsible for a number people dying due to being infected by them, substantiating their infections to be critically fatal.