Most Common Mistakes In Designing Your Garden

If you want to have a beautiful garden, you should avoid common mistakes that most people commit to planning and making their garden. Nobody wants a messed up garden and all their efforts and investments will be put to waste. Here are some of the mistakes people often do in designing their garden.

Not hiring professionals for the job

If you wanted your big area to be transformed into your dreamed space, consult a professional. Landscape gardeners Canberra is not an easy job, especially if you wanted to have the best result. Asking help with the professional will save you money and effort, plus he/she will help you make use of your area efficiently.

Forgetting to set a budget

Setting a budget is important. It will help you handle the expenses in the right way. It will avoid overspending and it’ll make sure that the money will be spent on their respective uses. You should also be aware and prepared that designing your garden will be more costly than any other part of the house.

Forgetting to consider the plants you will use

It is better that you know very well the plants you’ll be using in your garden. You should know if the plant’s full grown height will be perfect for the whole landscape design. Know the right species of plants and take into consideration the weather condition in your area too. One single plant can ruin the overall look of your garden.


In relation to the previous mistake given, overcrowding is also a most common mistake. If you want to put so many species of plants in a very limited space is not a good idea. It will only result in a messy, overcrowded garden. It is also not healthy for the plants since the nutrients from the soil will not be sufficient for the number of plants, resulting in dull-looking and unhealthy plants.

Forgetting the functionalities

It is important that you also take into consideration the functions of your garden. Will it be for plantations alone or can also be a place for outdoor activities. The garden’s design should not focus on the “looks” alone, but its usage too.


The plant’s proper placement is also important. Placing the plants or trees too close to pools, patios, or decks will not only ruin the design of your garden but it can also threaten its structure. It is best to place the right plant in the right area. These are just some of the most common mistakes that people make in making and planning designs in their garden. It is better to avoid these things to have a beautiful and functional garden.