How Does Hydroponics Work

Hydroponics is a system whereby plants are grown in water without the need for soil. This eliminates the need of having any soil where the plants are planted. Instead, the soil is replaced by the use of water which is enriched with nutrients which are essential for the growth of the plants. This means that the plants roots are submerged in water which absorb the nutrients directly from the water itself.

Hydroponics is an extremely versatile technique which can be used to grow plants in even the most unforgiving of environments. Since no soil is used in hydroponics, the fertility of the soil is no longer a limiting factor of where the plants can grow. It can be used in all climates and the fact that the nutrients in the water can be controlled by humans, it means that the plants get the perfect amount of nutrients which can make them grow faster or produce fruit/vegetables of a higher quality.

Self-Sustaining Hydroponics

In some cases, hydroponics can be used to create a self-sustaining system as well. Hydroponics can be used with the presence of fish to create a system which provides nutrients to the plants as well as cleans the water. This means that minimal human intervention is needed to make sure that the system runs smoothly. This is achieved because of the nature of the two species that share the habitat. The fish live in the water and snack on the plants and other microscopic plankton which will be found in the water. When the fish defecate, the nutrients in the excrement is used to provide nutrition to the plants. This makes sure that the water which the fish live in is cleaned by the plants and the fish have a constant supply of food while the plants have a constant supply of nutrients. In this way, both species depend on each other and create a system which is self sufficient and can be run with minimal human input. For further information about hydroponic grow kits please click here.

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