Going Pastel With Your Plants

Orange maybe the new black, but then again, there’s nothing that cannot look stunning when in pastel. The trend is still on, with pastel paper flowers making every wedding backdrop, sweet sixteen party or even a christening ceremony look all the more stunning and beautiful. But what if you could go pastel with real plants rather than paper flowers? Imagine having a garden filled with blossoms that resemble the dainty hues of pink and blue. Stop imagining and keep reading if you need some help make that magic work.

Plant Matrix Style.

Pastel colours bring out a sensation of peace and serenity and when you’ve got an entire garden bursting in these brilliant light shades, you’re definitely bound to feel relaxed and refreshed. Matrix planting is a technique used to show how flowers can grow together and intermingle with a few dominating them. Pastel coloured flowers would go well with this style when a few bright coloured ones can be used to add a burst of interest. When you’re looking for landscaping Surrey Hills ideas, do make sure to check if you can incorporate matrix flower beds to bring out a theme that screams all plants will survive and flourish when they’re together.

Throw In Silver And Grey Foliage.

Silver is an absolute must when it comes to blending pastel colours as they complement the lighter shades so well. Silver is probably the last colour that will come to your mind when you think of flowers and do they actually exist? Yes they do and when they’re combined with pastel flowers, they can transform a garden bed. Any landscaper Coogee would definitely be a sucker for this one, especially because the colour can cool sharp tones, and bring sophistication and elegance without doubt. Artemisia and Brunerra are a few plants that can be used as a backdrop and grow them along with the pale flowers for the best combination of pastel and silver foliage.

Add Bolder Colours.

Although pastel colours alone can make a garden look gorgeous, sometimes when they’re washed with too much sunlight, they can give out a faded look. To make sure this doesn’t happen, you can mix bolder colours to add depth and value. Perhaps a strong red or a screaming magenta can help the quieter pastel shades recede and give a contrasting sight to it. You can go for bright blue or hot pink geraniums along the border or Crocosmia which blooms in a blood red, to create a great combo of colours in your garden.

Look For A Good Spot.

Pastel flowers are usually the little babies of the parent flowers. These beauties shine brighter when the climate is dull and offer a calming influence if they’re right below a scorching sun. When you plant them, make sure to choose a spot where the morning or evening sunlight usually lingers. They can be near your patio or deck or wherever you relax the most often, and radiate stronger in indirect sunlight and shady days. Pale pink, yellow and blue lavenders can light up and create a peaceful atmosphere be it whether they’re in a backdrop of a wall or lining up a bright brown fence.