Getting Incy Wincy Spiders Out Of Your Home In An Effective Way

Spiders are common guests in our homes. You can see them getting comfortable spinning their webs on different corners of your homes. Not all of us are comfortable seeing spiders. Many people are petrified of these eight-legged pests at homes. If you are one of them, who almost bring the house down on seeing these pests, then it is high time you did something to get rid of them.

Segregating the Good Spiders from the Bad

Not all spiders are harmless. Trying to use spider control methods, without knowing the type of creature you are dealing with can come with deadly consequences. A word of caution, never try to touch a spider. If they feel threatened or endangered, they can easily bite you.

You need to know the type of species you are dealing with before applying your do it yourself spider control method. Non-venomous spiders can be a boon to your place. They help in eating pests such as mosquitoes, cockroaches, flies that spread diseases in the household.

Different species of spiders are easy to identify. Some of the dangerous ones that can be found in a lot of households are as follows:

• Black Widow – They are identified by the hourglass shape of their abdomen, a bite from it can cause muscle aches, nausea and even paralysis.

• Brown Recluse – Also known as the violin spider and can be identified by its six eyes and the violin shaped mark on its back. A bite from it can cause fever, chills and sweating.

• Hobo Spiders – Appear brown in colour and have solid brown legs. If bitten by this spider, you might experience dizziness, disorientation, confusion and even headache.

Choosing Effective Methods to Get Rid of the Good Spiders

While many of us might opt for the policy “Live and let live” when it comes to spiders, the other part of the population might not think this as a good idea. So, these tips can be quite useful to get the eight legged creatures out of your house.

Using a broom or a shoebox can help to shoo non venomous spiders such as the jumping spider or common spider out of your homes. These can be found clinging to walls or corners of your house. Common house spiders can also be found in basements, cracks or crawl spaces in your home.


It is always better to keep your house pest free especially if you have infants, kids or elderly people staying with you. Ensure that you clean your house on a regular basis especially places where spiders are most likely to build their webs.